History of Law 4 Essex, London, Southend-on-Sea

Immigration Law

Whether you were wishing to settle permanently in the UK or invest in these shores for the purpose of enterprise and permanent settlement; Law 4 Essex were able to help. Feel free to discover the other areas that were covered in more detail.

Immigration laws specialised in by Law 4 Essex;

  • Fiancé and Spouse Immigration
  • Settlement and Permanent Residence
  • Immigration for Businesses
  • Immigration for Individuals
  • Gurkha Immigration

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History of Law 4 Essex, London, Southend-on-Sea

History of Law 4 Essex

Law4Essex was a community based legal web site designed to help people in Essex, from all walks of life, access the best legal advice simply, quickly and efficiently.

All the information and legal advice that was need, from highly experienced local solicitors and via links to other useful organisations.

Law4Essex centred around putting people in touch with expert legal advice across all areas of law quickly and efficiently. The key difference is that it was an exclusive service for people in Essex provided by legal advisers of Essex.

Advice was given by legal professionals who understand the region itself. They are accustomed to dealing with people in Essex and understand the key issues, the culture and lifestyle and thus have an affinity with the people of Essex.

Family Law

Law 4 Essex specialised in dealing with the welfare of children and in particular disputes arising over residence and contact. Your lawyer will be sensitive to the emotional issues and will strive to resolve disputes through discussion and negotiation whenever possible.

These are some of the other key issues that were covered in the area of family law;

  • The promotion of family law as a branch of law in its own right, rather than as a type of litigation.
  • To promote and provide education and training in family law and in skills necessary for good practice.
  • To provide opportunities and facilities for members to meet and to exchange knowledge, views and ideas, both at national and at regional level.
  • To monitor law reform which has a bearing on family law and to engage, where possible, in the process of reform at whatever level.

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